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Sirius/XMRadio's - KIDS PLACE LIVE





Chicago, IL -  93.1 WXRT  

Philadelphia, PA - 88.5 WXPN "Kids Corner"

Northhampton, MA -  93.1 The River "Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child" show

Northampton, MA  - 103.3 FM WXOJ -  Hilltown Family Variety Show

Teaneck, NJ  89.1 FM WFDU - Kids Crossroads

St. Louis, MO -  KDHX, 88.1 Musical Merry-Go-Round 


Chattanooga, TN WAWL,  Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

Olympia, WA - KAOS-FM

Asheville, NC - T-Bone's Radioactive Kids

Kingston, RI - WRIU-FM - The Children's Show

Princeton, NJ - WPRB-FM - The All-Ages Show

Portsmouth, NH - WSCA-FM - Uncle Phil's Music for Families